Blues in the Schools


Andre Floyd’s’ education seminars and interactive programs are a large part of his outreach to the community he lives in as well as communities all over the United States!  Andre offers a few choices to classrooms all relating to curriculum that may no longer be available in the traditional classroom setting.


“Blues in the Schools” is a look at the origins of the blues from the Civil War to present day blues masters like Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and other contemporary representatives of the blues. “Blues in the Schools” also takes a look at the migration of the blues from the cotton fields of the south, along the Mississippi, into St. Louis and eventually landing in Chicago (the northern “home” of the blues). It also takes a close look at the musical styles of the different regions along the way.  As well as the various instruments showcased in its journey from being an acoustic medium to its eventual amplification and transformation into the musical genre we know today! “Blues in the Schools” features the musical stylings of W.C. Handy, Memphis Minnie, B.B. King, Bessie Smith, John Mayall, Stevie Ray Vaughn and a host of other blues legends!

Black History ; Music History ; African-American studies ; Music appreciation ; History ; Humanities ; the Arts. 



“Defusing the Bully in us All”

“Defusing the Bully in us All” Is a seminar designed to equip our children (and some adults!) with the tools of self esteem and communication in uncomfortable circumstances on or away from the playground. Starting with ourselves, we can often trace bullying, and the social dysfunctions that go with it, to traits and questions we often find in ourselves! This seminar uses music and images to examine the pathway that helps us diffuse bullying and helps us recognize the ingredients ,(often held within), that shape our self esteem and lead us to a better understanding of each other and how we interact.

First, we discuss the act of bullying then, we look at causes, effect and closure. Cyberbullying and the art of social networking are also included in this comprehensive presentation.